Small Scale Renewable Energy

Owner operated renewable energy schemes tend to be those up to about 500kW is peak power production.  Since the introduction of the Feed in Tariff in 2010 there have been thousands of smaller scale energy generation systems installed around the UK providing a significant return on investment to their owners.

Despite the Feed in Tariff rates dropping to what is less than 10% of the levels at which they were when they were first introduced, the increase in the cost of electricity and reduction in cost of installations means that high energy users can still get a return on investment of over 12%.  When you can borrow money at 3% this means that even 100% financed schemes can be a cash positive investment.

We have experience in the feasibility, planning, installation and commissioning of solar photovoltaic installations, single wind turbines and anaerobic digesters.

We have recently been involved in the installation of a 50kW ground mounted solar PV system (see News items)

Small scale renewable energy can be a great way for landlords to meet the new Minimum Energy Performance Standards for let property.