Landlord & Tennant Advice

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, if you are negotiating a new lease, reviewing the rent or other terms within a current lease or negotiating the end of a lease it’s good to know that you are receiving the right advice.

We can offer advice on leases governed by the following acts:

Commercial Leases

Landlord and Tenant Act (1954) referred to as ’54 Act Lease

Agricultural Holdings Act (1986) referred to as AHA Tenancy or Traditional Farm Tenancy or Old Style Farm Tenancy

Agricultural Tenancies Act (1995) referred to as Farm Business Tenancy or FBT

Residential Leases

The Rent (Agriculture) Act (1976)

The Rent Act (1977)

The Housing Act (1988)

We are also able to offer advice on common law leases that fall outside the provisions of any of the above acts and offer guidance as to when a licence rather than a lease might be suitable.

In many situations, especially where professional advice is not sought, parties can find themselves in the situation of having granted or taken a lease when that was not the intention of either party which can be further compounded by having no written agreement which can cause further problems, especially if the parties fall out.

The best advice is to ensure that you have written agreements wherever there may be a landlord/tenant relationship to ensure that there is no ambiguity and that all parties understand and agree to the same terms.

Our services include:

Negotiating terms for new leases

Drafting New Leases

Negotiating amendments to lease

Negotiating and documenting end of lease matters such as compensation and repairs

Advising parties of their rights

If you are a landlord or a tenant and are unsure of your rights or need assistance with negotiating, drafting or documenting a lease or licence agreement please get in touch for a free no obligation discussion.