Farm Subsidy Schemes

There are currently a range of agricultural subsidy schemes that we assist clients with to ensure that they claim the maximum available to them and then fulfil all the rules to make sure that they can keep this vital income for their business.

The Basic Payment Scheme is the latest in a series of agricultural subsidy schemes that can be traced back to the need to produce food during and after the second world war.  The Basic Payment Scheme is the successor to the Single Payment Scheme and has been the main form of governmental support to agriculture since 2015.  Despite being an EU funded scheme the UK government have guaranteed that the scheme will remain until at least the end of 2020, despite the Brexit vote in 2016.

The scheme pays a subsidy based on the type and quantity of land occupied by a farming business on the 15th May each year.  It is made up of two elements – the flat rate and the greening element – although you can’t claim one without the other so in practice there is one payment of around (depending on the GBP EUR exchange rate) £80 per acre or £200 per hectare.

In addition to the Basic Payment Scheme the Countryside Stewardship Scheme allows business to focus on further ecological benefit based on equivalence – that being that farmers are compensated for taking land out of production at the rate that they would have received if they had used it for production.  In many cases, by taking the worst land out of production this scheme can provide significant ecological benefits and produce a useful additional income for the farming business.

The services that we offer in relation to Agricultural subsidies include:

Completing annual Basic Payment Scheme Applications

Completing compliance paperwork associated with claiming the Basic Payment Scheme

Advising on practical requirements where businesses are claiming the Basic Payment Scheme in order to ensure that there are no deductions

Completing Countryside Stewardship Applications