How To Convert A Barn Into A House

How To Convert A Barn Into A House

Converting a barn in a house can be a lengthy process to undertake and you must follow certain guidelines to ensure that you comply with planning regulations. For example:

Northamptonshire is split into a number of local authorities who are responsible for determining planning applications within their areas.  The authorities are Northampton Borough Council, The Borough Council of Wellingborough, Corby Borough Council, Kettering Borough Council, Daventry District Council, South Northamptonshire Council and East Northamptonshire Council.

The prior notification and prior approval rules for converting agricultural buildings to domestic dwellings are set nationally referred to as Class Q in the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015 but the way in which these rules are interpreted is very different.

Some of the local authorities have been extremely supportive of the right to convert buildings while others have sought out ways to prevent development of this type.

While some buildings will obviously convert easily from an agricultural use to a domestic dwelling, with others it can be more of a challenge.  There have been a number of steel portal frame buildings now consented and there is a host of appeal evidence that can help to determine whether or not an application is likely to succeed.  A recent appeal decision in East Northamptonshire has given consent for the conversion of a steel portal frame building which had previously been turned down by the council.

There are lots of reasons why getting a consent can be advantageous to a landowner.  It may be a way to provide a new property for a family member, to raise some capital by selling the barn with consent or to provide an ongoing income by converting barn and then letting the newly converted house.

In addition to the planning issues it is important to get the ownership right before proceeding in order to mitigate any tax that might need to be paid.

If you have a barn that you think may be suitable and would like to discuss it please call James Fulton at Amet Property on 01933 423034.