Compulsory Purchase and Compensation

In lots of situations there are companies who have a statutory right to come onto your land to carry out works.  The most high profile at the moment is HS2 but it can also be the county council or highways authority who are building a new road, one of the water companies putting in new pipes, electricity or gas companies putting in new infrastructure or the Environment Agency carrying out works to prevent flooding. 

They all have a right to come onto your land, as long as they follow the correct procedures, serve the correct notices and pay the necessary compensation.  The compensation should cover any land taken or the amount your property is devalued by because of the works, the cost of any additional works you have to do as a result of the works, any time you incur because of the works and any legal or professional fees associated with your claim.

We can assist where an acquiring authority need to take land from you, advise on what impact a wayleave or easement will have across your property or on the value of land being taken.  We will make sure that the acquiring authority correctly follow the statutory procedures and that you get all of the compensation due to you.

We can assist with claims arising for the following reasons under the following legislation:

HS2 – Hybrid bill granting planning permission and compulsory purchase powers

Land being purchased under compulsory powers – Various legislation

Water companies – Water Industry Act (1991)

Environment Agency – Water Resources Act (1991)

Distribution Network Operators and National Grid – Electricity Act (1989)

National Grid Gas – Gas Act (1986)

Telecommunications infrastructure – Communications Act (2003)