Business Consultancy and Grant Funding

We have assisted a variety of businesses to improve their profitability and have an ongoing relationship with many of them.  We carry out assessments of the trading business and often benchmark the business against other similar businesses to ascertain how technically efficient a business is and whether there is the potential to increase the gross profit of the business.  Having assessed the gross profit we then look at the fixed costs of the business to see how well the gross profit is transformed into net profit, this is the area where we tend to find the best opportunity to improve a business and increase profitability.  We often then work with these businesses on an ongoing basis, assisting with cashflow forecasting and monitoring, financing and assessing new business ventures.

For small and medium enterprises, there are numerous opportunities for grant funding to invest in your business.  The opportunities for funding range from micro grants of a few hundred pounds up to some worth millions of pounds.  The majority of the grant funding that we are involved with securing for clients is LEADER funding administered through the Local Action Groups.  We have been involved with projects in many LEADER areas and can assist businesses with the application process.  To find out if you are in a LEADER area follow this link for a map of the approved LEADER funding areas.

The applications are a 2 stage process so you can find out very cost effectively if your project is likely to gain support and then know that if you are investing time and money in the full application you have a very good chance of being successful.  We have a 100% record in the applications that we have submitted which include an equine diversification, meat processing and a caravan park.

As part of the grant process we can assist in the production of a business plan and help to source finance for a new venture