Battery Storage

We have a wide range of experience in renewable energy schemes. Since 2011 we have worked on large-scale solar and wind farm projects. Plus more than 50 projects involving smaller owner-occupied schemes. We have a keen understanding of the business case for different ventures.

The market is changing but projects are still viable – especially where there is a large on site requirement. With a drop in the feed-in tariff and renewable certificates (ROCs) the finances are tighter. However, exciting opportunities are appearing day by day. We are watching the cost of batteries drop – around 30% in the first half of 2016 alone! The viability of schemes is increasing as on-site generation is paired with storage. This allows operators to gain an advantage by trading electricity in a dynamic market.

There are countless companies seeking land for energy barns and solar/battery parks. Many are asking for exclusivity agreements. It is important to get independent advice about the support mechanisms and finances of these schemes. We can guide you to make sure you get the best deal available.