Barn Conversions and Farmyard Developments

Farmyards can provide a unique opportunity to develop in an area that would otherwise be considered in the open countryside and contrary to policy.  Lots of agricultural barns are no longer suitable for their originally intended use and with incomes from agriculture constantly squeezed they can provide an ideal opportunity for landowners to create either a capital injection or ongoing rental income.

Assessing whether the best use for a site is residential or commercial is key to maximising value.  There are permitted development rights to convert agricultural buildings to many uses including:

  • A house
  • A school or nursery
  • A shop
  • Financial services
  • Restaurant or café
  • Hotel
  • Business Use
  • Storage and Distribution
  • Assembly and Leisure

While converting an agricultural building to a residential use is likely to provide the biggest increase in capital value it may be that this is unsuitable because of the location.  Alternatively the owner may want an ongoing income from the property rather than a capital introduction and so one of the other uses may be preferable.