Agency Services

Selling property is about what you know and who you know.  While online estate agents can be ideal for simple low value properties as soon as a property is slightly more complex or higher in value it is important to get input from a property professional. 

While we will often put up a board and market property through traditional mediums such as online agency platforms and local newspapers, having a long list of contacts who work in the same industry and constantly have buyers looking for property is key to maximising the value of any property that we sell.

In many cases, we buy and sell property without it ever being put to the open market, often doing a deal on a sale and leaseback basis for landowners who don’t want anyone knowing their business!

We have experience in buying and selling and acting for both landlords and tenants in the letting of both agricultural and commercial property.

We can advise on the likely value that a property will achieve and the best way to market a property to achieve maximum value whilst at the same time meeting any needs a vendor may have regarding privacy.

Our knowledge of planning and development can also assist us in maximising the value of a property prior to its disposal either through sensible lotting or by gaining what could be an extremely valuable consent for an alternative use or some other development.

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